Let’s Talk About Art with Awele

Hey Guys,

It’s been a minute on here, I trust you’ve been great.

Today’s post is all about Awele, she’s an Artist and in my opinion a GREAT one. I fell in love with her work when my sister tagged me on one of her posts on Instagram (the slideshow below), I could totally relate ( if you’re African, I’m pretty sure you would too) with the one I was tagged on because that was what I did to my sister growing up when I was still a meanie hehe..

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Hi Awele , how are you doing today? 

I’m doing fine, hope you are too.

Do you prefer being called a comic illustrator or an artist ? 

I don’t just make comics so I guess the general term “Digital illustrator” or “Artist” is fine.

Did you study something relating to art or you are self taught ? 

I’m a self taught artist, more like developed the art skills I already had since I was little over the years. I studied a medical science course, Bsc in Medical Pharmacology, Therapeutics and Toxicology.

How did you start doing illustrations, are you self taught ? 

I can’t remember how I started, been drawing since I was 8. I remember watching Disney animations and trying to recreate their art.

What’s your best illustration ? 

I don’t have a best illustration, I feel like if I did, that’ll make the other illustrations jealous.

Whats your first ever illustration? 

I’ve been drawing since primary 2 so my first illustration is probably lost. But I have one I did in 2009, was about a story about giants and fairies. I was 13 I think, I did a lot more before this one.



Asides making us smile/laugh with your comics , what are your other interests (dancing, reading , traveling)?

Traveling, I’d go anywhere new.

What’s the big picture ? Do you plan to have a ‘story book’ of illustrations ? What’s the vision you have about your artsy side ?

I write fiction but haven’t published any, maybe soon. 

I’d really like to see my illustrations in books written by me and comics just like the archi franchise. Nigerians would rather buy foreign books illustrated by foreign artists. I’d like to change that.

What are the skills needed to be an illustrator ? 

Skills hmm. I think you have to have a passion for it, and also practice. It all starts with a sketch.

What would you say to someone that wants to learn how to do illustrations ? 

I’d say the only limit is your imagination.
That’s quote by Hiro Hamada, from the Big Hero 6 movie by Disney. One stroke is all it takes.

Thank you so much for your time, I’m definitely staying connected via social media . I’m a fan of your work.

Connect with Awele on Instagram, click here

Much Love,

Debbie Alan.

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