Workplace Pet Peeves

Hey guys,

it’s been a minute on here, trying to find a balance between work and life basically. I got in touch with some 9-5ers and asked for their office pet peeves.

I mean we all have those eye-rolling moments at work when someone does something repeatedly annoying. We are either an offender or ‘offendee’.. Lol..

Here are some of the entries:

When my boss takes all the credit for the work I did and doesn’t acknowledge me


When I’m in the lunch room eating and someone else comes in and starts making small talk


When we have a conference call with an international client and the phone needs to be on speaker, my boss always makes his entrance with: Hi Toni you are now on SPEAKER PHONE with G*** & S***” (pls what is speaker phone???)

Are you serious right now

When my male colleagues abuse access, a male colleague made himself my boyfriend by force. Every morning he comes to my workspace with arms wide open: S*** COM’N GIVE DADDY SOME COOKIEs ” (err nope)

hold me

when someone wants to know everything you’re up to. Like you cough and they are like ‘what happened’? or when I’m having a conversation with someone else and they’re like ‘what’s that about’?.

mind yo

When my boss decides it’s 5 mins to closing time that he wants me to work on something. Yo! My brain shut down 20 mins ago.

download (1)

When your colleague thinks everyone wants to listen to his ‘perfect playlist’ for the rest of the day. 

images (5)

When a colleague calls after sending me an email to confirm if I’ve seen it.!
When my boss says I need to work on something and says it’s due in 1 hour but deep down I know its needed next week.
No meme
When your co-workers claim they aren’t hungry—only to eat part of your bread and akara
whyyy LoL,
I hope you enjoyed this post,
Please leave me a comment to share your work place pet peeves.
Much Love,
Debbie Alan

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