Talking “Volunteering “ with Tobi Balogun

Whats up guys,

Meet Tobi Balogun, she’s a creative strategist and CEO of Digital Donut;  a consulting agency that specializes in digital media strategy, marketing, public relations and event production for diverse brands.

Processed with VSCO with ku1 presetI met Tobi 8 years ago actually but I wouldn’t bore you with details , I’m just glad we reconnected again at an event in Lagos,Nigeria where she was a Volunteer , I later noticed she was always present at every other event getting people hooked with her bubbly personality and great smile.. So she’s the best person to talk on volunteering , let’s get right into it;

40FC59D4-23B5-486C-962B-3E094E728047What’s volunteering to you ?

Volunteering is humanity to me, it’s more like my lifestyle now. Initially when I started, my close friends would say ;

“why do you like carrying other people’s events on top of your head, and they are not paying you o”.

But I understood that I was sowing seeds of service to others, to be very honest I like helping others to excel especially people or organisations that have people’s interest at the core of their work.

How and why did you start?

I started volunteering immediately after NYSC, I was so keen on adding value to people, and those days it felt like I missed out on volunteering during my college days so I was quite eager to start. So I messaged any brand or people that had initiatives or events tailored towards capacity building, MDGs (millennium development goals) and personal development. I can still vividly remember my first experience, it was amazing. Everyone kept commending and asked me if was a professional. That day the organiser appreciated me and openly said he would employ me if there’s a need to. I went home fulfilled, happy and ready to serve more.
What has it taught you?

Through volunteering, I have learnt how to network effectively, communicate better, make plans and understand management. To be very honest, I have learnt a whole lot even though most of my core values were developed in school, volunteering deepened those values. I have met people, co volunteers. People who added value to me,became my friends and even mentors.

Processed with VSCO with ku1 presetHow has the knowledge shaped who you are today?

The knowledge I have gained has made me a better woman, human and performer of tasks. I always tell people, my first business task/profit came from volunteering, in fact my first full time job came as a result of service too. The passion for volunteering led me to discover myself more and even propelled me to almost start an online volunteer network, the fact that it pushed me beyond my ordinary walls to extraordinary boundaries is enough reason to keep volunteering.
I don’t think I will ever stop being a volunteer, I plan on taking things to the next level. I can’t wait to serve in other countries and do more amazing things.

Let’s always remember to help out whenever we can. I find great joy in service.

I trust you’ve learnt something today and you’ll be on the lookout for different opportunities to volunteer with different value adding bodies.

Much Love,

Debbie Alan

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  1. Thank you so much Tobi for sharing your story on volunteering. I have learnt a thing or two from this post as I also want to volunteer – with my time – more.

    However, it has been difficult for me; I work a 9 – 5 on weekdays and weekends are my ”rest days”. This post just made me realise that I can actually do it all. I will start to research on places to volunteer in Lagos, Nigeria.



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