Some 20Somethings write a letter to their 30 year old selves.

Hey Guys, 

I hope this post inspires you to write specific goals and dreams to your future self, and i’m sure that when we look back having actively worked hard and smart, we would all be amazed at our achievements.

Please read from these amazing budding career women.

Sinmisola Yusuf, Marketing ProfessionalFF8893F8-A367-4692-AD57-E51B78AFE971


I see you finally struck a balance between your desire to lazy around all day vs. Kick butt in corporate. You’re actually a pro at working smart now #MadamResults 👏🏽

Plus, how you’re able to put in a good fight and influence business decisions that bring about real change no matter how unpopular it is? Girl ✋🏽 You work has lips that speak.

Oh and you’re really morphing into a global professional. Thank God you settled that desire within yourself 10 years ago.

Thank you for your unflinching commitment to building Africa through human development. Those seeds will bloom eventually. 

I’m proud of you girl! 😍❤️

Nonye, Fashion Consultant E9FD6D97-81CB-49EA-9D40-760AC3B510F4

Honestly I’d be lying if I said I had specifics on where I’ll be by 30 but they always say you figure out life by then and you ultimately start living. So all things being Equal “I’d finally be established in my career path & I’ll be married to the one I love” 

To My 30 year Old Self-

It’s your time now to Take on the World & Set New Goals but remember the key is to always be happy.

Nchedo, Financial Risk Consultant 

A7611B4A-95F5-4E95-9BA3-E37AA9C3B2C8Dear 30 year old self,

I hope you’re well, still living, loving and just being your happy energetic self. 

I hope your skin is popping💅🏼 & your edges are still glorifying the Lord.

I hope you finally got an opportunity to model for that baddest photographer as your slim fit body cannot be a waste 😂

I know!!! It’s been an interesting ride so far. My heart is full knowing that your hard work, grit, faith and consistency finally paid off. 

I hope you were able to cop that job in the World Bank. I also hope you contributed your quota to the growth of Nigeria.

Hmmm…Well done on the NGO that’s helping African kids get good education in a bid to alleviate poverty in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

I want you to know that you were created to be what eyes have not seen or ears heard.  Don’t get comfortable in any situation you find yourself. Keep aiming for the stars because new dreams will be birthed and trust me, they are as valid as the former ones. 

Well done👍🏻


Your 20 something year old self.

Ifeoma Amadi, Blogger/Content Creator

3DB19D97-99CF-4D4B-B403-D9B17D2AF010Dear 30 year old self, you’d be at the peak of your career at this time, you’d own your business and even though owning your business is scary, if you work your very hardest and again put God first, you will be very blessed. It really is that simple.

Bukola Ogunyemi, Doctor and InfluencerA11E614A-E4A8-4D7E-858C-BF8CC615AAD8

Hello Dr. Bukola, I hope your family is doing fine ? And how’s that amazing man you are married to ? I’m super proud of you and how much you have achieved. I know it hasn’t been easy but God has been faithful. 

I mean, seeing you through your Msc in Public Health and now, you are doing your best to improve the quality of life of people in the world through prevention and treatment of diseases . As a Christian, you are also making an impact in the life of people , through your blog and your NGO. Congratulations on the paid collaborations with the best brands and I hope you get bigger collaborations and more achievements . 

Gbemisola, Economist 

EDCD4E7D-561B-4617-B132-7B0F0370C9D8Hi Gbemisola, first off, well done, all that anxiety and fear was for nothing. Well done with the vlog, see how that got you that World Bank position. Also well done volunteering your time and energy ensuring those helpless kids get the best education. 

I love how your passion towards Nigeria and educating people about the economy has borne fruits. God bless you babe.


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Inspire your circle by writing to your future self, also feel free to email me the content at to cop yourself an infographic.

Much Love,

Debbie Alan.

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