Tshirt and Florals

Hey guys 

How are you doing today ? 

I’m so thankful for all that I have and all that I am right now , that is peace of mind. You should be too, you’re alive ! That’s a reason to be thankful. 

BE8C37D1-967B-4868-8045-0F58DF3DC45FLet’s get right into today’s post, I’ve been attracted to floral prints for a while now . Can’t explain why .. 

843D3959-5516-4EAE-A188-062773033567This dress is from ASOS , they have cool stuff for the stylish lady. 

The dress is  monostrap with an opening around the tummy area , I wouldn’t have rocked it without wearing something in it because I’m not comfortable with showing skin … so I decided to style it with a white T-shirt (I have a lot of those )… a cooperate shirt would also work wonders for this dress. 

6914463B-3D7B-4803-84FB-B5532070C9B9I’m very much in love with the details of this look, I mean don’t you think the court shoes are a perfect match with the floral prints. 

How would you have rocked this dress? Please leave me a comment and share what you would have done differently . 

2227A34F-CE9B-4F60-8899-C430781B3799Much Love,

Debbie Alan 

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