Is there such a thing as a dream job- A chat with Biola Jinadu

Hey Guys,

I had a chat with Biola Jinadu, we went to the same university and stayed connected via social media. She’s a multimedia journalist and overtime, her work has been featured in Newspapers, Magazines and Billboards.


She got her training at New York Film Academy. So you know she means business.! she has been in the field for 3 years now and just landed herself a new job in the United States of America that required her to relocate from Nigeria.

Lets get right into it …

Do you believe in dream jobs ?

No. I believe in knowing where God wants you to be at each certain point in your life and making the best of where you’re at. You can get that “dream job” and not be fulfilled. You still feel empty. So it’s more about being able to give back to your community, shine your light as a Christian and at the same time, earn a living from doing that. This applies to all fields.

How did you stumble on Media?

I studied Management Information System at Covenant University.. Before graduating, I asked God to take me where I’d be able to make the most of my NYSC and start my career. I had struggled with my grades in school. I had a 3.2 CGPA and I didn’t even like my course. I only studied to pass my exams.

Everyone around me ‘worked’ their NYSC and thought I was crazy not doing so too. I got posted to Anambra State. I served in the state’s broadcasting organization.  That was how my career in Media started.

How did you close up the gap between lack of knowledge and inexperience?

I went for trainings & did internships at every opportunity I got.

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What  do you love most about your career ?

The heart of my work is my ultimate goal to be one of the change agents in my community and country. That I get to tell stories focused on matters that will bring about improvement and development is what I love most.

What’s your advise for any budding media guru ?

Decide what part of Media you’re most interested in. I tried almost everything. Radio & TV presenting, Newscast, Videography, Editing, Producing, Scripting – the list goes on.

You’ll know what you can do with ease when you try them out. Once you know, continue improving your skills, keep learning.

Who do you adore in your field and would love to meet ?

Marcy Dolapo Oni – Sijuwade

A day with the person or 1 million dollars ?

One day with her

What I’ll learn from our conversations, I’ll use to make 1 million dollars 🙂

If you were given the opportunity to start life again, would you still choose this path ?


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Have you ever been seen as incapable because of your gender in this field ?

No. Never happened.

What’s your advise for anyone that hasn’t found their ‘path’ yet ?

Find out your interests and what you love doing most and start a career / business doing it. I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life which was why I asked God to send me where He wanted me to be. If you’re in this category, I’ll advise you do the same thing I did. God is faithful and you’ll be amazed at how well things will turn out.

What’s your daily routine like ?

Wake up, read my devotional & pray, post an article on my blog. Get ready for work. While at work, Film content as I get ideas or write down the ideas if I’m too busy to film. Get back home, watch something while eating, check social media sometimes & then go to bed.

What are the challenges of the job?

There are days where it takes forever to get inspiration while editing. Especially when I’ve over worked myself.

Skirt or pants ?


Heels or flat shoes ?

I’d have said flat shoes but for the last two weeks, I’ve been wearing my heeled shoes and I’m loving it! I can’t choose right now 😩


Biola is one of those people I admire. You should watch out for her.!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you learned a thing or two.

Do you believe in dream jobs?

Drop a comment and lets talk in the comment section.

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  1. Tutu says:

    Would love to see more of this. This really helped me. I learned to not restrict yourself but try different things. Thank you Biola and Debbie.


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