Not So Mellow Yellow

Happy Thursday Guys ,

What’s this week saying so far ? 

I realized I’ve been wearing a lot of yellow recently, I have no idea why . Maybe it’s because of the effect it has on the brain. It denotes joy, happiness, liveliness etc… 

6059B5E4-764C-41CD-B40D-A923F89E9C1CMy pants are from Desire1709. And if you know me , you know I love frills.


I styled this particular shirt with skirt some time last year. The shirt can be worn in two ways; Click here to check out how I rocked it the first time.

When I’m trying to get outfits , I try to make sure I get something that is striking, something sorta mistique. 

BFAD69A4-79A9-442E-82F7-FF1A89630E2BIf you want to look effortlessly chic , this is your go-to outfit any day depending on your company culture/ schedule. 

What are your thoughts on this look ? I look forward to hearing from you .

E07D5A4F-24CC-43F6-8A1B-FE91EDC1E46DYou can keep up with me on Instagram; @debbie_alan01 .

Purse : LuxuryStreetNG

Shirt : Style Space Africa

Pants : Desire1709

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