How to Mix Patterns

Hey hey .! 

How are you all doing .? 

I’m not sure I’ve told you guys Happy New Month , so here goes ; Happy New Month.! Btw, my birthday is next week and I’m excited about it ( I’ll be having a giveaway sometime this week, so stay glued to my instagram @debbie_alan01).

5D6D8D83-1AE2-4283-ADF6-AE0FAB4E3D81Today’s post is all about mixing patterns .! Polkadot and Stripes for the win.! The jumpsuit is from ASOS and the corporate shirt is from Hawes & Curtis . 

784ACE7D-FEBD-411D-8E75-F309EB001DDE#Tip for mixing patterns 

While mixing prints , make sure the patterns are of different scales as this basically helps to neutralize the look.

In this case , the pattern on the shirt is smaller than the big bold stripes on the jumpsuit . And if you’re comfortable with mixing and wearing two bold patterns , please go ahead and do you boo.!  

B6A9C65E-55A7-42B9-83AF-E81FC1EF8C49I decided on red shoes because I needed to make my outfit pop .

7E226956-221F-4A12-A18A-4F3754A3361FDo you like this look and would you rock it .?  Please leave a comment 🙂 

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