How to Style a Double-Breasted Suit for Work

Hey Guys !!

2E50BD90-AC11-48B4-A837-DA0514A2C03FWhoosh !!! Been a while over here! I missed sharing with you all, had to take a much needed break to plan and strategize for the new year but I’m back like I never left!


My Style Resolution for 2018, is to do more looks in pants /suits and all that good stuff because last year I did more of dresses …

I had a couple of options and ideas on styling this suit but hey! First post in 2018, what better way to start than with bright colours 🙂

5DEFEC64-AAD6-428C-A6E5-B3D5C65763D3I was one of those little girls that showed up at a birthday party in a suit. (thanks Mom!), I’ve been wearing suits since I was really little, maybe that explains why  I’m totally in my element in them, lol .

7ACE66CC-BD08-47D5-8D51-55B7DC24AA20This is a perfect work look any day of the week. There’s this extra dope factor about double breasted suits. Love em!

49210EF6-9F6A-463A-9217-F9EC4D55CFD4I wanted to experiment with colour, so I decided on a yellow shirt and animal print shoes (yeah they are the new black! )

Would you rock this look?

How would you style a green suit ? I would love to hear from you .

Suit: RhbStyle

Photography: OrdinaryandArt


Thank you for reading .

Much Love,

Debbie Alan.

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