For the Love of Blues

2 Days To 2018.!
I see you 2018 and I love you already .
It’s important for us to look back and count our blessings . Writing down one thing we were able to achieve every month would help us realize how much progress we’ve made in our lives this year.

To today’s look, peep the fabric and sleeves of this top . It’s from Shop Maju, and you know how Maju has effortlessly chic and trendy pieces.

E786DA51-335C-4E77-9A6A-1716CE9BA9A5132103A9-3988-49A6-BA38-E2EDD704AB23The top is made from a 3D fabric with petals and trust me pictures don’t even do this justice. You should see how awesome it looks in real life.

6F24488C-7DBE-4928-953F-21C8A6B4781FAnything would work paired with wrap tops, skirts or pants or in this case Jeans . And they are perfect for work and a night out with the girls or the boo .

I hope you like this look.
Thank you for reading my posts on here this year .

6D9E6DD7-31E2-42DC-98D3-125D255C58A5Enjoy the rest of 2017, and amidst the plenty food and celebration, don’t forget to plan for 2018.

Much Love,
Debbie Alan.



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