Hey hey


I was really feeling like I was a thug here , that’s the subtle effect wearing a hoodie has on me …

53E30F51-ACDA-40E0-8B58-62BFDB6AC7AFIt’s a top and pant set and I LOVE it . The top is cropped at the sides , and if you’ve been following my posts … I’m a fan of mixing and matching, I would definitely show you how I rerock my outfits sometime .

16C52287-BED9-4870-B0AD-39EC10DB5853You can leave out the hoodie like I did here or you can actually tuck in the hoodie.. Just do you girl .!

25FD729E-E5C1-4482-A110-B5792646AB25I’m not exactly drawn to the colour brown but I think this complements my skin kinda …

Would you rock this with the hoodie  or tuck in the hoodie .? Please leave a comment 🙂

D8BEAA14-B02A-4A2A-ABB6-6828B53F6FACOutfit : @spiffyandchic (store on Instagram)

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