Styling a Tshirt

It’s very easy to convert the casual look that comes with rocking a tshirt to a corporate one by pairing it with a skirt( pencil or skater)  or pants/ jeans and a Corporate jacket (the look I have on).


The tee I have on is from Zerahtees.  Zerah is a Christian Tshirt brand … they have awesome designs . Click here to check them out.

The Tshirt I have on has the text ; “Let your Light Shine”.


You would definitely see me style Tshirts more often on here .

The white jacket helps totally transform this to a semi formal outfit.

On days where I’m not trying to look fierce like Jessica Pearson in the series Suits, you’ll catch me on jeans and a Tshirt 😀



Thank you for reading.

Bag: Pauls Boutique London from Luxurystreetng

Photography: OrdinaryandArt


Much Love,

Debbie Alan

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