Hey Guys
How are you today .?

I’m one of those that believe that the choice of your outfit affects the state of your mind and also your self esteem . Formal wear generally triggers feelings of power, and this totally explains why I felt like I was soaring in this purple number by Mae Otti.


Growing up, I had a LOT of suits for a young girl, and I hated all of them. I would put up some throwback pictures for y’al sometime in future. So I grew up thinking suits were boring and for the ‘uncool’.. But the story has changed for me. 


Here are 5 tips to ensure your suits are not boring;

  1. Get your perfect size, there is nothing like wearing a bespoke suit. If you cannot get one, stick to your size.
  2. Don’t be afraid of colours ; navy blue, royal blue, olive green and even mustard 🙂
  3. Rock Separates; either a black blazer with grey bottoms or Blue blazer with brown bottoms.
  4. Wear camisoles, or Vintage shirts or Tops inside your suits or long sleeved shirts. Just be comfortable with your choice.
  5. Accessorise with brooches/Lapel pins


I felt like I could hang out with Harvey Specter in Suits (Tv Series) and not look out of place. It also affected my mood positively all day. I decided to go with a black top and black court shoes ( court shoes are my thang guys.!) so the focus would be on the suit.


What do you think about suits generally. Yay or Nay.?

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Suit: Mae_Otti

Photography: OrdinaryandArt

Much Love,


Debbie Alan


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