Thursday Blues

Hello Everyone,

How’s your Thursday going so far?

Today I am all about “The Amai Dress”

She is Gorgeous. This is one major piece I love from the Tokatoka brand.

I love absolutely everything about this dress; the cut, the puffiness of the sleeves, the details on the fabric, the way it fits so perfectly like it was glued to the body, the v neckline that isn’t revealing any cleavage.2018

Side note: those that know me know how much I love to read books.

I believe every working class Female/Male (yes Male) should have read; “The Smart Money Woman” by Arese Ugwu. it has embedded in it practical financial lessons . The strategy I have as regards my personal finance even astounds me sometimes.

Going on your work break? Carry a book along that would challenge your thoughts and make you a better person.



Thank you so much for reading.!

Dress: Tokatoka Lagos

Shoes: Schutzoficial’s Juliana from Luxurystreetng

Bag: Maisy from Luxurystreetng 


Photography: OrdinaryandArt

Much Love.!

Debbie Alan

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