Lets Talk Quirky


Thank you guys so much for your support , your viewership, your comments…You are awesome and I really do appreciate you.!! Thank you.!!

Now to today’s look. 5The word ; Quirky means unusual, so just add Fashion to that.. and we have unusual fashion/ unusual outfits. Designs that we don’t get to see every day can be termed Quirky.

My shirt definitely falls under this category and it’s from the brand; Things Nigerians Love (TNL Designs). I particularly love the brand because they have unique pieces.  Taking a closer look at the shirt, the extra factor for me is the ruler type fabric..It is a must have.

cropped tnl You can click here to check them out. TNL also has a store on ASOS.

I paired the shirt with this black leather skirt I got few years back, and to complement my funky shirt, I thought why not my Smack bag from Luxurystreetng.


Thank you for reading.!

What are your thoughts on Quirky outfits?


Photography: OrdinaryandArt




Much Love,

Debbie Alan.

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